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We offer peace of mind in knowing your loved one will be placed in the right hands of care.

I was most pleased with the placement assistance provided by A-Plus Senior Placement!

I found Elena resourceful, knowledgeable, and worked well to find a good match for my wife and the Assisted Living Home where she was placed.

Elena demonstrated that she has the resources and experience necessary to carefully provide a selection of facilities to consider for placement, and to assist in ensuring that the final selection is a good fit for all involved. When the new facility was selected, Elena helped make the transition smoother by helping discuss my wife's needs with both the facility she was leaving, and the facility she was preparing to enter. In the months since her placement, Elena has called occasionally, to ask whether all is going well.

Most of all, though, Elena and A-Plus Senior Placement provides the traditional values of compassion, honesty, and integrity.

I am most happy that A-Plus Senior Placement helped with my wife's recent placement, and will call on them again, should the need arise.

Sincerely, Terry Toolin

What a fantastic help you have been when my aunt Solveig Jorgensen moved from Chris Ridge to her new group home yesterday!

Dear Elena Ilena,

You have looked after everything that was necessary and made it so much easier for me.

Sitting thousands of miles away in Denmark and being the only one she trusts and therefore being responsible for all her needs is not an easy task. But having YOU by my side and making everything so much easier have almost brought tears in my eyes.

I'm only able to go to Phoenix every year in March - but because of her situation now in December 2012 I found that the day had come when she could not live in an independent living any more.


You have been taking care of everything in a most professional way. You should be proud of what you do for elderly people in Phoenix. My wife and I would be very pleased if we in person could meet you in March 2013.

From the bottom of our heart:


Sincerely, Flemming
Kjersgaard ~ Denmark

How Happy I am to be in this Assisted Living Home!


My name is Maria Buser, I am 85 years young. I have been a resident in this group home for a little over two years. Our rooms are beautiful and are changed as to decor quite often. The rooms are super clean and always kept tidy and in order. Our meals are so good!! And we are fed fresh food, not from cans and packages. We have a very good cook ! We have lots of variety to our meals.

Our care taker is very gentle and spiritual. She always has time to help with problems and pain. In a smaller setting such as this, A GROUP HOME the best part is the care. We receive a lot of one on one care, individualized care. Our people get along well and are very compatible. We all love Dina and are treated with much TLC.

We have a male care taker that gets us to doctor appointments. We have a beautiful patio area where we can seat and entertain. This is an area where we play our board games, cards or just visit with each other.

We also take outside trips to enjoy meals at restaurants. We have big parties on Holidays with decorations and lots of special foods. Our parties are attended by our families and other guests.

We have people from outside who comes in to sing for us and at Christmas the Carolers come and also visitors and families! Elena our placement agent, checks on our home and on our people frequently to know we are in good hands.

We can truly feel God’s presence in this home. I am very happy here.

A+ Senior Placement - Elena truly knows her homes very well and does an excellent match when places elderly in group homes.

Maria Buser

I highly recommend Elena and Remus to help you find a senior living home for your loved one!

Elena has a special gift in helping you choose the home that will meet your loved ones needs. Remus is excellent in searching background references of the home and their list is composed of only the highest quality. their motto seems to be that in finding this special home it is the same intention as if they were finding it for their own family member.

Elena and Remus are truly unique and include you into heir lives, sharing openly as if you were a part of their family; they have a passion and love the seniors and they want to the best for where your loved one will be living. Elena has showed up several times to my mom's residence, with favorite goodies and one had to make sure my mom is happy and content.

My personal experience with finding my mother a smaller group home came last January 2011, when my mother went into Health South Rehab to gain some strength back form a COPD episode she had. It was decided she needed to have a larger living space to continue her exercise and she desire a private bathroom. The social Worker (at Health South) highly recommended Elena, to help search for a new home, Elena drove me to several homes and also helped with questions and negotiations. the owner of the home has been so gracious and kind and there was always good meals cooked and a focus on trying their best to keep my mom healthy. There were no fees to us for finding this great place.

Shortly after this my friend found herself in need of a place that she could smoke. Her family had several other places picked out but it wasn't until Elena and Remus drove her and her family to meet a very special couple, she knew she had the right place and feels very blessed to have A Plus help her at a most stressful time in her life. She is very happy.

I'll always be grateful to you both or the wonderful services you're providing.

God Bless You, Becky Smith

I am writing to say thank you for your help in finding an assisted living home for my mother!

You were recommended by the HealthSouth Rehab Hospital which was very much appreciated, and I had never had to deal with this situations before. You had excellent choices for homes for my husband and I to visit. As well as, good insight into what my mother needed at this time in her life.


Your compassion, moral principles and the know how to get things completed, gave me peace of mind. It was also an excellent fit for my mother she loved her new home and her caregiver. We are very happy with your services and would recommend your company to others needing services.

Juanita Barber

I would like to send thanks for all that you have done for my dad!

After the health situation with my dad you were able to find him a Group Home to live in cause he was unable to take care and live by himself. I am so glad I had run into you at Chris Ridge that day, because if I hadn't been there, we would never have come across each other.


You were always on top of things, and always right back to me without waiting. I thank you for that!! We could not be more satisfied with your company, and would definitely recommend you to our fiends!!

Tanya Mora

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