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Our Mission

A+ Senior Placement is dedicated to providing complete assistance in finding the best care available for our Arizona elderly.

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Meet The Staff

Elena and Remus are the founders of A+ Senior Placement with vast experience in Nursing.

  • CNA skills and many years of experience in Hospitals and Nursing homes throughout the Valley.

  • An unmatched knowledge of the Valley's community and its many Assisted Living Facilities, Nursing Homes and Health care Agencies.

  • Years of Certified Patient Care Technicians specialized in HemoDialyses.


Call Us 623-680-8124

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Carla Strugari


Carla has been apart of A+ Senior Placement since 2017 and is highly experienced placing loved ones in care homes that not only meet their needs but make them feel at home.

Carla has a Bachelors in Philosophy, Religion, and Society which helps bring a balance between human connection and health needs.

Call Us 623-680-8124

Meet The Staff

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